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Equipment Leasing

Leasing is an economical way to acquire equipment.  A lease is simply a financing agreement for use of equipment.  NoteAbility Investors provides leasing arrangments for most commercial equipment that are specifically designed for your company's needs.

A lease is not a loan, and lease payments are usually lower than those of a loan.  Leasing offers flexibility and control. You have many choices in designing your lease, including the length of the lease and what happens to the equipment at the end of the lease term.  You can choose to upgrade, buy, or return the equipment.

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Benefits of Leasing

• Very little down payment is required 
• A lease is tailored to your needs 
• A lease allows you to acquire equipment very quickly 
• A lease is a tax-deductible expense 
• Equipment does not need to be depreciated over a
  period of time 
• A lease is not regarded as debt

Apply for leasing now or contact us so that we can help you determine if leasing is the best option for you.  If you choose to lease, we will help you find the type of lease that will meet your needs.  Your application can often be approved within one or two days.

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